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Stream SPT500 High Capacity Drainage Pump

Stream SPT500 High Capacity Drainage Pump

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SPT500 is a heavy duty submersible pump that is perfect for use on building sites and other industrial applications. It is designed to handle both clean and dirty water applications that are typically found on building sites and flooded excavations etc. The pump will handle small amounts of grit and light sludge easily and is suitable for many types of water transfer applications.

  • Heavy duty construction and quality finish

  • Cast iron pump casing with extreme wear resistance

  • SS-inserted TPU impeller and SS shaft

  • Heavy rubber bottom for good wear resistance

  • Bottom saw with 10mm holes to prevent large particles

  • Thermal protector that can switch off pump when overheat and overcurrent. Pump will start work automatically when motor cooling down.

  • Double end mechanical seal plus oil seal

  • Standard 10m*1.5mm2 cable with 16A plug

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